Church History

Church History

Brief History of the New Beautiful Gate Church


NBGC was founded by Rev. Dr. & Rev. Mrs. Gideon Olaleye in October 1987 with 9 people in attendance. It started as a Bible Study group in an apartment, at 606 Frith Drive, Nashville Tennessee. The purpose for starting the church was to reach International students in Nashville who were un-churched. The initial idea for starting a church to reach an international population was conceived by Hope Baptist Church, now Hope Christian Fellowship.

At its inception the church's original name was African Christian Fellowship. Within months, the fellowship had outgrown the apartment living room. The church consulted with Woodcock Baptist Church (WBC) for assistance and they made available one of their classrooms. As the number of worshippers increased, the church consulted with WBC to grant services in their fellowship hall which was allowed. In the fall of 1988, the Nashville Baptist Association (NBA) recognized the chruch as part of their mission. In the fall of 1989, the NBA provided NBGC its first church building on 1712 5th Avenue North.

In 1997 God opened the door of opportunity for the expansion of His work in Minnesota. African Christian Fellowship was born there under the leadership of Rev. & Mrs. Chris Iyawe. The church is now under the leadership of Pastor Olu Amele.

In 1998 the leadership of the church with the cooperation of the members changed the name to Beautiful Gate Church and Ministries. This name is a reflection of the vision of this church reaching and nurturing every race for the glory of God and eternity. In 1999, the Lord provided the present location of 8.9 acres.

On April 1, 2001, there was a slight tremor as some members of the church left, but the church of God continued to march on. In 2002 with 14 dedicated adults and the church's youth the project for the present location commenced. With the grace of God NBGC moved into its current sanctuary in February of 2003.

In August of 2008, through the grace of God, the church celebrated its 21st anniversary. The church is marching forward and there is indeed work to do. There are souls to be won for Christ and we are determined to live a strong legacy of faith to our coming generations.

If you are looking for a place of worship, where God and His word are truly elevated, you are in the right place. Trained ministers with a heart for God are here to help you and pray with you.

Our current version of elevating God is 'Be Thou Exalted O God and let Your glory fill the whole earth' and members are testifying to miracles of God in their lives.

Written by

Rev. Mrs. Esther Olaleye